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NG Ruston pumper Ricky Hurst

It isn’t uncommon for our field staff to spot wildlife while making their daily checks at our well sites. It is rather unusual, however, for an animal to approach someone and affectionately begin playing as if they were long time companions.

Ruston pumper Ricky Hurst was working at a well in Claiborne Parish on June 30th when a kitten approached him and began to play. After a short time, he noticed that the kitten had a very short tail and Ricky realized he wasn’t your average domestic kitten, but was instead a baby bobcat. Hoping the bobcat would reunite with his family, Ricky finished his job and left the well for the evening.

The next morning when Ricky returned to check the well, the bobcat was still alone at the site, greeted him again and started to play. Concerned for the abandoned kitten’s survival, Ricky called into our Ruston office where our staff contacted the Louisiana Bobcat Refuge in Eunice, LA for guidance.

As a 501c3 nonprofit charity registered with the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Bobcat Refuge is the only species specific bobcat rehabilitation center in the southeastern US that offers long-term rehabilitation. LBR specializes in singlet bobcat rehabilitation with their Abandoned Bobcat Kitten Surrogacy Program, featuring zoo retired, pet surrendered or non-releasable bobcats, Canada lynx or smaller approved exotic felids.

Joe Anderson with Nadel at the Ruston Office


Joe and Candee Anderson deliver Nadel to WERL in Shreveport

Under the instruction of the Refuge, Ricky brought the kitten to the office where he was dubbed ‘Nadel’. Joe and Candee Anderson further transported Nadel to Shreveport to deliver him to Dr. Gia Morgan at Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation of Louisiana for safe travels to the Refuge in Eunice.

Nadel is currently estimated to be 7 to 8 weeks old. While he is in the care of the Refuge, we look forward to updates on his progress from Executive Director Pamela Connery. The Refuge will keep Nadel approximately a year until he is ready for his documented release in the same area he was found.